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Vanguard Gap Year of Wheaton College


Christ-centered community, outdoor adventure, and time to ask life’s big questions – that’s what the Vanguard Gap Year is all about. Along the way, Vanguards travel, earn college credits, build work experience, and deepen their faith in Christ. Embrace the adventure, explore Vanguard!

The Vanguard Gap Year takes place at HoneyRock, the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College. Located by the Nicolet National Forest in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, HoneyRock sits on 900 acres on a chain of 28 lakes. Since 1951, HoneyRock has provided college preparation, leadership development, and spiritual formation for youth and young adults.


8660 Honey Rock Road
Three Lakes, WI 54562
United States


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Yes, I recommend this program

I loved my time participating in Vanguard Gap Year at HoneyRock. I wanted to take a gap year after high school because I was interested to see what else was out there before college. What I didn't know at the time was how much I needed the space away from school. Having the opportunity to work with my hands and be in a program with loving leaders helped me to begin to understand who I was as a young adult. It also provided time to reflect on significant events that had happened to me in high school. All of the learning I did during Vanguard happened in a tight knit community and it allowed me to enter college more prepared than my classmates. I also had the opportunity for international travel and many fun adventures that I'll remember forever!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be prepared to be challenged by having a small group of people who you have to be with for a whole year. But also be prepared to make friendships that will last a lifetime because Vanguard provides a pretty special space to make true and genuine friendships.


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