Vapues Nicaragua Tours

Vapues Nicaragua Tours


When director Jan Strik traveled to Nicaragua for the first time, in the late 1990s, he heard a typical catchphrase over and over: "va pues", meaning "allright". When he founded the company, back in 2002, he did not need to think twice on how to name it, and Vapues Tours was born.

Vapues Tours has grown alongside with local tourism and has become one of the leading and trusted tour operators in Nicaragua. Our motivation is to provide one of a kind experiences to our wanderlust travelers, and sharing with them excellent knowledge about Nicaragua through specialized sustainable packages and personalized services.

Vapues Tours is a fully licensed tour operator focused on sustainability. We are proud to say we are certified by Rainforest Alliance. Our professional, passionate and innovative travel crafters offer tailor – made, personalized and high quality experiences. Let them show you every corner of the largest country in the heart of Central America and exceed your expectations.



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