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Voluntario Global, a non profit organization in Buenos Aires, offers meaningful volunteer experiences throughout Argentina. By creating long-lasting and important volunteer projects, Voluntario Global plays an important role in increasing social awareness in youth and raising the quality of life of Argentinians in underdeveloped towns.

We give volunteers a chance to interact as a volunteer and a professional with Argentine locals of all ages. Many volunteers come from all over the world to support our development projects. By allowing volunteers to immerse themselves into local communities, Voluntario Global helps volunteers share their skills and their culture by improving lives of others through grassroots initiatives.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Communications volunteering

I had a really great time volunteering in the communications team in this organisation. The project is very flexible so you can make it your own and explore what interests you (in my case it was making films), and I loved getting to see how the organisation worked and visit all the different projects. The team were always very supportive and receptive to our ideas and interests. Overall a great way to understand more of Argentina than just the touristy sites!

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Yes, I recommend this program

4 months volunteering with Voluntario Global

My work together with Voluntario Global started when I was searching for a organisation in South America that provides different projects in the area of volunteering. The website of Voluntario Global was well structured and it it was easy for me to understand what their work is about. My last few questions were replied a few hours after I've sent them an e-mail, so I decided to apply for volunteering with VG. Only one day after I received an accaptence. I was very happy and I was ready to start planning my stay in Argentina.
The good part about travelling with an organisation is, that you receive help if you need it. They answer your questions, book your residence, organize a transfer from the airpot and you are able too meet new people instantly. If you are leaving your homeplace the first time for such a long time it is always usefull to have people who receive you on your first days and tell you what will happen in your next weeks. Furthermore you are able too get to know people from Argentina who live there and you get an idea of their kind of lifestyle.
Of course it is not always easy to work in these places. They are not the usual kind of touristiy places that you would visit normally, but in the end this is what volunteering is about. Of course you won't work in the best parts of the city but you will help these people to improve their lives. This is an experience that is worth it too pay maybe more than you would usually pay for a trip to South America. Your not only visiting the city, you are living the city. You truly become a part of the popuation.
I would definitely recommend VG for people who are willing to experience how it is to help people in need, get in touch with people, be involved in new situations and leave their comfort zone. It is a chance to learn more about different cultures, about solidarity and last but not least about yourself!

What would you improve about this program?
There could be organised more reunions where the volunteers are able to talk about their experiences between eachother and with the coordinators. I think talking to eachother about good or bad experiences is always the best way to improve the situations in the projects. It is a fact that the volunteers always have a different point of view on the projects they are working in. Maybe they will have some good ideas to improve the situation of the projects. On the other hand the coordinators can explain why the project works the way it does. Sometimes a limited budget or too little help can limit the opportunities but it is important to get to know the background to understand this.
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Yes, I recommend this program

An incredible 3 months that I will never forget

My time volunteering as a communications volunteer for Voluntario Global has been amazing and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity. The close-knit organisation is more like a family and I’ve met the most wonderful people- other volunteers, Voluntario Global’s coordinators and local people from the projects- who I will never forget! As a communications volunteer, I really got to know the organization, how it works and the amazing work that it does with local organizations. I helped Voluntario Global with the websites and social media sites, writing blogs, taking photos of projects and volunteers and interviewing people. I was able to visit loads of different projects which really opened my eyes to how much we take for granted and I learnt so much about the Argentinian culture and language. I would recommend this experience to everyone who has the possibility to take it because of the things I’ve learnt, the people I’ve met, and the way it changed me as a person. An amazing way to fully live the life in Argentina’s amazing capital city and help local, less-fortunate areas to grow and develop.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Awesome time

Being part of Voluntario Global communication's team was or is still great. I was involved in many events, either from Voluntario Global or the city of Buenos Aires. I experienced the culture of Argentina and lived what the people of the country live through; met and talked to people with different social statuses and exchanged experiences and information about life. I was assigned to different roles, either writing for the website, taking photographs and shooting and editing video. It may seemed like a lot, but you can choose if you want to stick to one area. The team is very open, you can do propose ideas to create content. I did all these tasks because I wanted to be more involved in the organization and at the same time I had free time to get out and know the city. Everything was coordinated great.
I acquired experience in areas of a writer, photographer and videographer. Media production overall.

Overall, it was an awesome experience. Sure, there were technical problems, but as a whole, Voluntario Global and the volunteers managed to solved it quickly.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience for my life!

It was amazing to have the opportunity to talk, exchange and sahre with local people. I learnt a lot about thier lives and how they found solutions to their problems. I was not so usefull during fisrt week bout after 2 immersion weeks everything changed and I was able to share my knowledge and improve my skills.
Another Voluntario Global goal, you can share your experience with a lot of volunteers who are assisting to differest projects and then you can feel involver in all th network projects. You can share with other volunteers in debating meetings or social activities.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

April Bohnert

April Bohnert traveled to Buenos Aires as an intern in the winter of 2012. She returned to South America after a life-changing study abroad in Quito, Ecuador. She has a passion for travel, adventure, and yoga. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Day in the Life of April Bohnert - Intern in Buenos Aires

Highlights: The best part about the time I spent in Buenos Aires was simply getting to experience the rich porteño culture. It was the small things that highlighted my trip; strolling through the rose gardens of Parque Tres de Febrero, sipping mate with friends along the river in the ecological reserve, practicing my Spanish with the merchants at the markets in Recoleta, dancing down the streets of San Telmo behind a band of drummers. My three months interning in the city enabled me to not just experience Buenos Aires on its surface, but to experience its people, its communities, its triumphs and failures. I was able to live and breathe the real Buenos Aires, and this is what made my trip so meaningful.

Morning: On a typical morning, I started work around 9:30 a.m. I would wake up and eat a light breakfast of coffee, fruit and medialunas. Medialunas are a popular (and delicious) Argentine pastry, much like a sugar-glazed croissant. Around 9 a.m., I would leave the large apartment in Microcentro that I shared with 15 other Voluntario Global volunteers, and walk the few blocks to the subway (or subte as it is referred to in Buenos Aires). The office where I worked was located in San Telmo, only about a 15 minute commute by train and foot. Once at the office, I would meet with my coordinator and the other communications interns to divvy up the workload, discuss new projects, and brainstorm ideas.

Puente de la Mujer in Puerto Madero

Afternoon: My work in San Telmo generally finished up around 2 or 3 p.m. Instead of taking the subte home, I would usually walk back to my apartment. The walk only took about 30 minutes and gave me a chance to unwind and enjoy the colonial charm of San Telmo. Sometimes, I would stop for lunch at one of the many cafes along my way or simply duck into a small produce market to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables to fix back home. Sharing a home with so many people meant the apartment was almost always bustling with activity. It also meant there was always someone around willing to go explore a new park or museum in the city.

Evening: Buenos Aires has a very vibrant nightlife. With countless bars and restaurants, an exciting music and art scene, and clubs that don’t close until sunrise, there was never any shortage of things to occupy my evenings. I often ate with the other volunteers, either cooking a meal together at home or venturing out to one of the many Argentine steakhouses, called parillas. Afterward, we would find a bar or café to grab a drink in, and perhaps catch some live music or a tango show if we were lucky. I also spent many nights with my friends out dancing in the tango clubs, known as milongas, or some of the many other dance clubs in Buenos Aires.