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We are a community network connecting people who want to give a helping hand in volunteering for education to improve living standard of the locals. We recognize needs and offer a variety of placement for volunteers to join our network and commit to supporting local communities.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Meaningful trip in Ha Giang, Viet Nam

My mother is Vietnamese, so last year, I did go back to Vietnam, to see mom's hometown, and know more about her country. I had a Vietnamese friend, and she invited me to join VEO trip to Ha Giang. Well, I was free at that time, so after just a few minutes , the decision was made.
This trip was absolutely amazing. U know, the landscape, people, foods,... everything just over my expectation. My trip was on March, the most beautiful time of Ha Giang, with alot of flowers (some of them I dont know the name, but they were GORGEOUS)
One more thing I loved about the trip was that I had the chance to contribute to community. I taught English to children, I helped the local people improve their homestay.
All were amazing experiences to me.

What would you improve about this program?
Nothing needs to be changed. I love all about the trip, i love the people, i love culture, i love sightseeing, and i so happy because i had a lot of new friends after the trip.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Mai Chau

This is a great experience for me in Mai Chau. We were able to live with indigenous people, teach English to children, experience local culture, and enjoy the delicious dishes. The scenery of mai Châu is also very beautiful.
Mai Chau is a district in northwestern Vietnam, where Thai people live. We were able to meet strangers, eat and sleep together and become active and close to each other like family members.
The host here is extremely friendly and hospitable. They entertained us enthusiastically, cooked many delicious dishes, and took us to explore the beautiful scenery of mai Châu.
Every morning we will go to school to teach children at the elementary school in the town. In the afternoon we will help homeowners with farm work. The meeting will continue to teach children in the village. The children are active but very eager to learn and enjoy learning English.
When I have to leave this place to return to Australia, I will miss my friends, miss the children, the people, the food and the beautiful scenery here.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Mai Châu VEO workcamp

I went on VEO workcamp in Mai Chau in January with three other friends. We stayed 2 weeks and had the greatest experience there. We were helping in the farm of an old couple and also some times we were helping the people in the village. We also taught English to kids at their school as well as at the homestay where we were to help them more individually . Our days were filled but it was really fulfilling to do all this.
We stayed at a wonderful homestay with amazing people that gave us the chance to discover their culture and the surroundings. The food was great and they make sure we never miss anything. The VEO team was great, they took really good care of us, especially Hai who helped us a lot.
I highly recommend VEO for volunteer work, you will learn a lot, discover many things and have so much fun!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing rewarding experience !

I came in Vietnam in January 2019, with 3 friends and we stayed 2 weeks in Mai Chau with VEO. Our volunteer work was basicaly based on giving english lessons in the morning at school for the kids and at night in the village for local people, and in the afternoon helping in a farm and rice paddies.

I would a 100% recommand to live this adventure at least once in your life because furthermore you give help, time and love and you receive so much more, it's on my opinion the best way to really learn about local people, an other culture and way of life.

Our homestay was really nice, we were comfortably settled, and the food was so delicious ! We had the best welcome we could imagine and VEO and espacially Hai, made our stay even more rewarding! I'll always remember it, and will definitely do it again, thank you!


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