Wafid Arabic Institute

Why choose Wafid Arabic Institute?

The Programs of Wafid Arabic Institute for Non-Native Speakers (Amman - Jordan) were prepared in cooperation with our sister company Noorart (USA), which has around twenty years of experience in for Non-Native Speakers in the west. We follow the (USA – ACTFL American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, European - CERF Common European Framework of Reference).

Main programs offered for the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), we offer also courses in Ammiyah (Jordanian dialect), with special group studies & private torturing, we also offer Arabic for Specific Purposes. Regarding the program length the core program for Wafid Arabic Institute is the Quarterly Courses, and for students who have time they will get best results, on the other hand we offer other programs to accommodate other students (e.g. Monthly Intensive Courses, special timing for private torturing and Group Studies, in addition to Supplementary Courses and Activities).



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Yes, I recommend this program

Unexpected trip

I never forgot this trip.
As a female solo traveler, I couldn't think of a better way to experience learning Arabic.
I was quite nervous at first but the student's affair coordinator re-assured me that everything would be arranged for me and it is very safe especially for women.
My teacher taught me a lot and made each Arabic class enjoyable, the whole Wafid team is very welcoming and made me feel at home.
In couldn't recommend the program enough, it is amazing!
I'm looking forward to returning.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experiance

Overall Wafid is an excellent program, it is exactly as advertised, intensive and immersion.
I appreciate that the teachers and staff worked to create a sense of camaraderie with them and among the students; this was accomplished not only during our trips but in the classroom as well.

The socializing was an important factor as well. Lessons were comprised not only of grammar, vocabulary and textbook, but teachers used role players, games and videos to help us converse and think practically in the Arabic language.

Also, the staff is immensely positive, welcoming and professional!


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