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Washington State University (WSU) promotes education abroad as one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have during their lifetime. Students can continue their academic course of study in an international location, gaining many life skills including their independence and a global perspective. WSU makes it easy to choose from 1200 study abroad options through their school and a large variety of international education organizations. Check out the list today or some great reviews of WSU programs below!



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Yes, I recommend this program

Aberystwyth University, an absolute must

Like many students, I was completely overwhelmed while I was in the process of applying for my study abroad experience; there were so many details to attend to, and of course, the system dealing with those details was completely different so it made everything take longer. At times I felt that my university experience would be much less stressful if I just forgot about my crazy dream to go abroad.

I am so thankful I persevered.

It is true that the "system" here in Wales is different--in the states, I am very used to having every step detailed, with penalty fees and all sorts of fine print. At first, I was overwhelmed with how vague everything seemed to be here. But after a while, I realized it was because it was more about the bottom line and end result, and whether or not a student is willing to work for what they wish to achieve. After this started to make sense, my experience became so much less stressful. The staff here could not be more pleasant, or more helpful. If I ever have a concern or query, I do not hesitate in the slightest to seek someone for help.

Beyond the technical aspects of my experience, I have found the academics and day-to-day experiences to be pure joy. I have only been in Wales for a little while now, so I have not fully participated in the entirety of a term of schooling. However, I find the lectures to be enjoyable and the professors passionate. And the culture--extraordinary. Just so far I have climbed a castle, seen the second highest peak in Great Britain, played on the seaside, and discovered a wealth of new cuisine. I've even learned a few Welsh words.

For any students considering the possibility of coming to Aberystwyth, I would tell them to stop making it a possibility and make it a certainty. There have been headaches trying to figure out how classes will count for credit back home, or trying to set up my internet, etc. But with a little bit of perseverance, every obstacle is completely worth it once you can experience the wonderful people, academics, and culture in this university town.


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