YCC International School

YCC International School

This organization has been expired and its programs are no longer offered.


The YCC International School supports students from all over the globe that want to study Chinese in a variety of capacities. Students are provided visa assistance and can choose from short to long terms programs ranging from: internship placements, language-learning classes, summer camps, degree courses and more.



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No, I don't recommend this program

After three months of trials and tribulations, these are my main reasons NOT to choose them if you're serious about studying Mandarin or working in China.

Didn't help set up apartment with four month's advanced notice
Lied about having Mandarin professors
Curriculum left a lot to be desired
Didn't communicate about the progress of finding an internship
Resorted to yelling at students when students inquired about things they found strange in the company
Keeping the fact that it's a family run business secret
Set up interviews at opposite ends of the city at conflicting times
Denied policy changes when inquired

My two teachers were very nice people though. We keep in touch.

Despite all of this I do like China and encourage others to come here.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I did the 3+3 program from YCC. I have to admit that it was a very good choice.
3 months classes in small groups ( 5 students) allowed to have a basic but very useful level. The class room are new and nice.
I got an internship in a PR company... exactly what i was looking for.
They provided me all the necessary documents for the visa. No problem from that side.
The location is nearby people square and jing an temple... in the center of Shanghai Basically.

What would you improve about this program?
For the accommodation, they helped me a bit, but in general I had to do the visit by myslef and sometimes call the landlord. But at the end, it's very easy to find a room in Shanghai.

As i conclusion, I strongly recommend this school, very good price, good location, good teacher and good internship!!
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Yes, I recommend this program

It is a very unique program, I mean I've seen some language schools most of them only have mandarin courses but not the internship part, so when I join this program I gained two benefits; one is that I learned and improved my language skills and knew more about Chinese people, culture and the life style. And the Other is that I get a chance to work in well-known company in Shanghai and work with very professional people with the position I choose to work.I was an intern now I am full time worker.

I get this program as a very good opportunity for youths who want to come to work and study in China.I am also inviting some of my friends to come and share what I've got.

What would you improve about this program?
well,yes,there are some problems I've seen also but comparing to what I obtained it is nothing.
But I would say that if the school gives more coverage to promote this program because there are alot of people who are eager to go in a foreign land to work and study as the same time.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I don't regret choosing this 3+3 program. Different from other programs of the same kind, this program provided diversified courses, which are very interesting such as Chinese Attractions. I also talked with my partners about anything I'm interested in so that my oral Chinese improved a lot. Written Chinese was really a big challenge for me, but I just practiced and read over and over with tutor's guidance and finally I overcame this obstacle. After 3 months mandarin study, I got an internship as an international salesperson in an import and export company, through which I learned many business matters and developed comminicative skills. Particularly, my project leader and co-workers are all friendly and dedicated. Thanks to this program, I had many new information. I love Chinese people, Chinese culture, and especially Chines food. I plan to continue studying in China and work and live in China.

What would you improve about this program?
The only defect I think is the housing conditions. Though the apartment is already good enough, it is not very convenient to get to some large malls and artisitc places with Chines flavor. What's more, the apartment is better if it is more fully equipped.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Among all the programs about study Chinese I was checking, I picked up 3+3 program,because that time it seemed like more suitable for my carrier plan...I have to say I don't regret,even it was a real challenge for me! I was absolute beginner with no knowledge about Chinese.We had classes everyday and everyday I had a lot of new information to deal with...Never give up!It was hard to start but I am so happy now that I got those skills and internship part was even more fun. I got my marketing intern position in Advertising company. I still continue to work here because now I have plan to stay in China longer

What would you improve about this program?
I would have to say that it took me quite long time to wait for all paper work done before come to China, around 4 weeks I guess, but I am not sure how it works here, so maybe it is okay. And I think would be better if students could have opportunity to have enrollment every month, because I almost missed a deadline when I was applying


This organization no longer has any active programs. Visit our homepage to continue your search.