Yunnan Normal University

Why choose Yunnan Normal University?

Located in Kunming which is called “City of Perennial Spring” and conceived in the Teachers College of the National Southwest Associated University which was established in 1938, Yunnan Normal University is a provincial key university that has a long and fine tradition. The university has brought up prestigious alumni such as Nobel Prize winner Dr. Yang Zhenning and Dr. Li Zhengdao.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Great fun in a new culture

Amazing people in a new place. The 1 month study I did was amazing from The teachers, fellow students and local students. I learnt so much from everyone.

The city had a temperate climate and we were lucky our lecturers picked Kunming since it'll be ready for us to acclimatise... Something not everyone think about when picking a location to do their study abroad.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Direct Enrollment at Yunnan Normal University

For my study abroad program I chose to direct enroll at a university in Kunming, China. This means that I went solo and had to navigate the area myself. I found the staff of Yunnan Normal University very helpful and willing to help me with my needs. However, there was only one department that was bilingual. Once I got to the housing office, I had to start using Chinese and it was more difficult - but that is what I wanted. I chose to go to Kunming because I wanted a challenge. Beijing and Shanghai are incredibly international and I didn't want to be tempted to use English too often - but I wanted some opportunity to speak my native language. Kunming was perfect because it was a city of seven million so there was a pretty sizable international community but not overwhelmingly so. Since I went in the summer time, the normal classes were not available but the university was willing to set up a one-to-one language class for me where I practiced Chinese with a professor everyday. This was a great way to practice Chinese because she drilled me on my tones and I really improved. I would recommend a program like this for an adventurous student who is independent and capable of solo navigation. I was able to get independent study credit from my university that worked toward my Photography major by creating a portfolio of images. Check them out at!

What would you improve about this program?
Like I said before, this program was entirely up to me to navigate and put in order. If I could do this program over again, I would probably go for a semester during their academic year so that I had more class options. But in the summer having one-to-one instruction was incredibly helpful too.


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