When do the baby turtles hatch?

Posted by Pia Rohowsky 5 years 5 months ago


Dear Pia,

Thank you for your question. The turtle nesting season in Malaysia runs from March to September every year. The eggs take around 2 months (60 days) to incubate, after which they emerge from the nest en masse and head out to the ocean.

This means that we have hatchlings emerging at our project site from May until the end of October every year. Of course, however, this is nature and so we can never say anything is guaranteed - that's all part of the excitement in witnessing this amazing spectacle!

That said, we do have lots of hatchlings heading out to sea at this very moment. For more details on this, please visit our Facebook page, website, or feel free to contact our team directly with any further queries you may have.

Kind regards,
Raphe (Co-Founder)