What are the program fees? And what are the accomodations?

Posted by Erika Nizzoli 6 years 3 months ago


It has been a few years since I was in the program but I'll let you know what it was like in 2015 when I traveled to Peru.

Tuition: USD 1,995.00
Lodging: USD 740.00

Lodging was considered a home-stay where I stayed with a family that was fairly close to the school. I had the option to take the bus to class but was able to walk instead. The lodging fee also covers two meals per day, breakfast and dinner.

I stayed with a friend in the home-stay where we shared a two bedroom room with twin beds. This sounded like a typical room when comparing it to other friends in the program. Typically laundry is not provided when staying with a family.

If you do not want to stay with a family you are required to find your own lodging, whether it be a hostel or an apartment. You pay for all costs yourself and meals are not provided.

The program I used is Maximo Nivel. They are incredible! You can find all the info on their website:

The program fees for the TEFL program in Guatemala was around $1,350 but that was in 2013, I am not sure if prices have changed since then. As for accommodations, the school did not provide that and I lived about one mile away from the school in an apartment with 2 other teachers that I paid rent for. If you speak with the corporate team at Maximo, however, they would have recommendations on where to stay and maybe even have another teacher that needs a roommate.