How far was the school/classes away from most apartments?

Posted by Sarah Blevins 3 years 4 months ago


Classes are within walking distance from the apartments, about 10 minutes. They are really easy to get to!

The most I had to walk was 15 minutes! By the end of the semester I was so surprised how small Florence was.

It was anywhere from a 5-15 minute walk. Usually not further. I think for all of their programs they keep the walk under 20-30 minutes.

It will depend where your apartment is! The different class buildings are kind of scattered throughout Florence. So, I had one class that was only about a 10 minute walk, but another that was a solid 30 -45 minute walk. In general though, they're never too far, and you really love to learn the walk and get to know the city. I recommend walking around and finding the buildings with some of your friends or roommates before your first day of classes, and before you know it you'll know your way around. And don't forget to stop and explore - one of my favorite gelato shops was right by my far classroom!