As an international student did you manage to have a tour of the University and it's facilities prior to becoming a student?

Posted by Andrea 7 years 8 months ago


Hi Andrea! In general, you should be able to get a tour of the university if you are able to visit the University of Malta before applying. I would recommend reaching out to the ISEP staff if you are in the area and interested in applying.

Thank you. I will take a look on the ISEP website

Actually, on looking at the fees I did not think that it would cost as much via ISEP. I understand (through my limited knowledge) that and EU student can attend an EU university for zero fees or smaller fees than in the UK

Andrea -- I studied at UoM as an exchange student and you're correct about being able to study there as you would another EU university as an EU student. Look into going via Erasmus as well.

Also, I studied there back in 2009 but what I remember of the university is that it was small, pretty open air, no windows-panes in most class rooms, and cats running around everywhere! It's kind of a cool, sandstone looking place, with great views of Valletta since it's up on a hill, and has all the basic services you'd need from a university (library, tech center, canteen), but nothing fancy. (FYI, there's better food off campus, just down the street!)

I didn't go through ISEP, but as a direct exchange student only got a tour of the university on orientation day. It just doesn't make sense to fly all the way to Malta (from D.C., where I'm from) just to tour the university before signing up for the program.

Any specific questions about the campus that I can answer though??

Thank you so much for the information. If you don't mind I'll chat withy daughter and put a few of her questions to you.
Do you know whether Malta also does an exchange/Erasmus type swap. My daughter is interested in studying in Japan. This is something
I'm struggling
Finding an answer to
Thanks again :)