My goal is to learn Spanish. Is this a practical way to do so?

Posted by M Omeara 6 years 11 months ago

I like the idea of volunteering but my main goal is learning Spanish. Can you tell me if this program would be good for me?


A volunteer abroad experience allows you to practice a language while being immersed in the culture. When you choose Cross-Cultural Solutions Costa Rica, there are weekly language lessons, as well as, all staff members are Spanish-speaking nationals from the community. And there are at least two bilingual staff members available to help every step of the way.

In my personal experience, I found it easy to communicate in Spanish. You would get weekly Spanish lessons with a personal teacher, and you can ask the staff to speak in Spanish and help you out ---They are incredibly helpful in that aspect, so they will be a big help--- Then, apart from that, it also depends on your placement. I was placed at the school and surrounded by children for most of the day, and the teachers will gather and speak Spanish and generally (other than the English teacher) they only know Spanish. So, this is just my opinion, and I would argue that a large portion is up to you, and how much effort you put into learning the language and challenging yourself. With that said, I think that Costa Rica and the CCS staff will definitely help facilitate your learning for sure. I know they did for me.