Can you go scuba dive?

Posted by Diana Caracciolo 6 years 4 months ago


It’s been years since I went but there wasn’t scuba diving. There was surfing!

I might not be the best person to answer this question as I volunteered with ISV in Ecuador, not Costa Rica. However, some of the Costa Rica team joined us for a final week in the Galapagos. While there, anyone who was already certified could ask to scuba dive instead of snorkel some of the areas we went to.

I know there are extra activities you can pay for on the trip- I went in 2011 so I can’t remember specifically if scuba diving was one of those! I am sure it would be for the group working with turtles and dolphins.

When I visited, there was snorkeling available for an extra cost, but not scuba diving. You may have been able to do it in your free time if it were available your location.

Theres options to scuba dive in the adventure package but for additional cost! If you are only doing the 2 week volunteer trip than unfortunately theres no scuba diving available.

On my project we had a free day where we choose to go snorkeling but not scuba diving. I'm not sure about the other projects in Costa Rica through ISV. I'm sorry if that wasn't very helpful.

I don’t think it was an option on our ISV trip but you could stay a little longer and go on your own.

During my first week in Costa Rica, we were taken out on a day trip to Tortuga where we could go snorkeling, as I don't think most of us go scuba dive anyway, so this was a good option.

Also, when I went in 2013, there were optional extras you could buy before going on the trip (and maybe when you were on the trip during the 4th and 5th weeks you were there, as I went for five weeks, but there was also a three week option which didn't include the tour round CR), but I can't remember if/don't think any of those extras including scuba diving.

We went snorkeling as part of the adventure tour, but not scuba diving. Im not sure that was offered in the program either, but maybe they have switched up the activities now, not sure. Hope this helps.

I don't believe you can scuba dive. You can however snorkel, in fact they take you to a small fishing village in which you can snore at with beautiful corals.