How much (on average) did you spend in Sucre per month?

Posted by Gabija Zym 7 years 6 months ago

Hi dear alumni, thank you so much for your inspiring stories. I have one question for you. Since the living cost is an issue for me, I'd like to ask how much (on average) did you spend in Sucre per month?

Thanks in advance.


Honestly, I kept super good records but not super good care of where I put those records! I am confident I did not spend more than $500 on personal expenses during the 5 weeks I volunteered with Biblioworks. I rented a room in Sucre for $135 dollars for the time (it was a shared room with another volunteer, with a private bath and shared kitchen/common space). I cooked many of my own meals and the grocery stores in Sucre have an excellent selection even of foreign foods. There are also plenty of inexpensive options for eating out (if you have a tough stomach :) I also traveled to four different libraries during that time outside of Sucre, spent some time wine tasting in Tarija, ghost hunting in Potosi, and went to many museums and whatnot included in that cost. Sucre and all of Bolivia is very affordable if you're on a budget, but could be frustrating if you are looking for fancy accommodations or gourmet food!

This amount does not include what funds I raised for Biblioworks itself and the money to buy materials for the workshop we put on.

It's a little hard to remember exactly, but I paid $120 (USD) a month for a studio apartment and internet, and probably another $50-$100 for other expenses (not including travel outside of Sucre).

I spent about $600 USD per month on housing, food and incidentals when I lived in Sucre. I spent more the months when I traveled.