How is the process to become an au pair?

Posted by Sherryl Mortos 4 years 9 months ago


You have to meet the following requirements and apply to become an au pair.
Be between 18 and 30 with at least a high school diploma. (Female Au Pairs are placed quickly, while male Au Pairs can take a bit longer to be placed.)
Hold a Passport from the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.
Have previous childcare/babysitting experience with references and a genuine love of children.
Provide a statement of health and a background check.
Be interviewed by phone or Skype to be accepted by the family.
Be able to commit to 10-12 months as an au pair.
Driving experience is not required, but the ability to ride a bike is. (Many families have cargo bikes that require a minimum height of 5’1″.)
Provide 3 references.