Is this a program I could come on with my 8 yr old daughter?

Posted by Kirsty Little 6 years 1 month ago


The answer is YES! From the time you arrive in Nairobi airport, to the village and back, you will be with VV people who will take care of both of you. Food, transportation, lodging. I contacted the Executive Director of VV, Shana Greene, to help answer your question since I've not traveled with kids before but I've known there had been kids in the program. She said, "Some of the programs are great for younger children, so yes! Of course not all but we make sure that there is a preschool where the eight-year-old would be in heaven "teaching" the little ones. We work with each member of the family so that everyone has a good trip."
If you have any further questions at all, I encourage you to contact her, too! We've gotten to know each other through the years because I've volunteered through VV multiple times. She is the friendliest person with the biggest heart.
After doing a lot of research on best practices in long term sustainable international development, I've consistently found VV to be the best.

It's been 11 years (so hard to believe!) since I went to Kenya with Village Volunteers so I'm hesitant to answer since I'm not fully informed on the program now. That being said, I've stayed in contact with the Executive Director Shana Greene and she is always great at answering these questions as she knows the programs so well!

Yes, based on my experiences on 3 trips to Kitale Kenya, I believe a conscientious mother with an 8 year old of reasonable temperament (i.e., not hyperactive, or prone to run away in a crowd...just trying to be safe here) , would do very well.

We stay with Joshua Machinga, Director at Common Ground for Africa and Director of the Pathfinder Academy School. The 8 year old will instantly have 100's of friends with the wonderful children at Pathfinder Academy...and he or she will benefit from this experiential learning for the rest of their life.

So, I whole-heartedly believe that going as a Volunteer with the VV program to guide, line up transport and lodging will be a remarkable and safe time for mother and child.

Rev Jon Greenstone, Dir. of Emmitsburg Council of Churches Mission to Kenya 2009, 2011, 2014