How much does this cost? Is anything provided for volunteers?

Posted by Katherine Courtney 3 years 2 months ago


I think it changed since I have been there but you can check their website. You should find this kind of information there.


You get lodging and food. You should check the website for more information on price. I am pretty sure it's changed.

The Internship Programme in Lebanon has a flat fee of $2,050 US for four months which includes:
Full accommodation and weekly house cleaning
Pick-up and drop-off from airport
Comprehensive orientation for both internship programme and teaching including trainings led by SB OverSeas and partnering organizations
Internship supervision with necessary evaluations
Arabic courses
24/7 support from our local team leaders and programme staff
The fee is to be paid in full 7 days after signing the contract with SB OverSeas.
Visa, flights, and insurance costs are born by the intern.

we provide a weekly allowance per apartment, this covers the grocery of the week.