What are the differences between each of the branches?

Posted by Ben Taco 3 years 7 months ago


The first difference is the location- we have branches in Bahan, Kiryat Anavim, Kiryat Yearim, Carmiel and Migdal Oz. Bahan and Kiryat Anavim are in a kibbutz and the volunteering is in the kibbutz with the children and elderly. Carmiel and Kiryat Yearim are in children's and youth villages and the volunteering there is with the people in the village. Migdal Oz is the only religious-only branch with two groups in it while the others are mixed religious and non-religious.
Other than the general Kol Ami managers each branch has its own group of staff

As of now we have five different locations in Israel. Three near Jerusalem, and two up North. We find that each branch provides a different type of living style since they are each on different campuses and in different locations in Israel. All campuses have common spaces, communal rooms and showers, and a Kol Ami designated area within the Kibbutz or Village. Though each living style is a little different, each branch follows the same itinerary and experiences the same schedule during their time a at Kol Ami.