I'd like to know if I will have enough free time to make surf trips out to the west coast?

Posted by Will Cunningham 6 years ago


Hi Will,

During the program, you will be too busy to travel on your own time. But, I would recommend traveling before or after the program. Some friends and I took a bus around Costa Rica after the trip. I also know people who traveled before the program began.

This program is one of the more structured ones. Since there are two major field trips through the program that cover a wide breadth of awesome locations throughout the country, they do not provide time for individual travel during the program time. It is fairly common to plan independent trips before or after the program starts, so that is what I would recommend.

The program is very academically intensive and structured which means that personal travel/free time is limited. If you want to make independent travel plans please plan to do so once the program has ended.