Is it possible to get a teaching job in Vietnam that lasts less then 6 months?

Posted by Justin Haynes 4 years 4 months ago


They prefer one year contracts, but I would say it is possible.

There is high turnover of staff and if you willing to accept a job at a location further away from Saigon or in high season, like Summer, it is possible.

It depends on how many teachers they need at the time.

Make your conditions clear, then go ahead an apply.

There are also many other ESL schools in Vietnam where you can also get jobs.
The smaller, independent, ‘mom and pop’ schools offer the most flexibility.

These can be found in almost every city in Vietnam. You can arrive on a tourist visa, check out some schools
then apply for work permit with the local school. If you are courageous and adventurous, this is a better option.

You don’t have to sign a contract with the biggest school, like ILA or another chain. They just have resources for a Human Resources department
to hire from abroad, but don’t usually offer the best salaries or working conditions.