How does school work when you get back? Do you continue your year like normal or do you have to redo all the classes;semester?

Posted by Devin Rosario 2 years 6 months ago


How school works after you get back largely depends on how you planned it to work before you embarked on CET. Most schools will allow you to take CET for credit which means that you would most likely not have to redo any classes/semester as long as you get a certain grade at CET or can pass a placement test when you get back. If that's the case, then your school year continues like normal. If not, then there is a large chance you may have to redo all the schoolwork. But again, this is largely dependent on schools and I would advise you to work with your study abroad advisor to see whether or not the school will accept the credit before you embark on your journey.

I participated in CET Japan's Summer term which ended in early-mind August, so I was able to return to my home institution for the Fall Semester and continue like normal right after. My university has a credit checklist for study abroad students which will show what programs and classes are approved for credit at the home institution. So, after making sure that the courses I was in were on the list, I was able to receive all the credits I earned from the CET program and proceed with my degree plan like normal. I hope this helps a little!