How rigorous are the classes in Aix?

Posted by Allie Dang 6 years 11 months ago

I'm not sure if taking 5 classes in Aix is durable or not, but I need 15-16credits in Aix (5classes) to transfer to my 4 US credits


Hi Allie-Dang,

While I was abroad in Aix, I took 5 classes, so it is definitely feasible! I took 3 higher level French courses, a wine marketing and analysis course, and a course about the political structure of the European Union. While some of these classes were harder than others, I would definitely advise you to talk to other students from your university who have studied in Aix. Depending on what you have taken before will determine whether you can handle the course load or not! In my opinion, you can definitely make time to take 5 courses, but keep in mind that living in France in and of itself is a huge learning experience too!

Hello Allie!

I, too, took 5 classes when I was in Aix! And I agree with Jackson that it is absolutely doable. It depends, like he said, on the classes you are taking, and how you wish to structure your time while studying there. You know yourself best, so you will know how to both budget time to study, and still have time to enjoy yourself and your immersion into the culture of southern France. For example, I know that I was big on procrastinating while at school in the US, but I also knew that I wanted to take in every second I had outside the classroom. So, to compromise, I invested in a planner and wrote down all of my assignments when I received my syllabus and set a time each week to complete those assignments. Most professors know that you are there to not only study, but to experience Aix, as well as travel, so they do not spring anything on you last minute that can't be completed in a matter of an hour or so. I would not worry about your course load, so long as you plan for the bigger assignments that you might have!

Hope this helps, along with Jackson's response! And enjoy your time, I am so jealous! :)

Best, Christina

The rigor of IAU classes was comparable to my classes at my home university. I found IAU classes to be easier to follow though since the class size was smaller than my home institution (10-15 students per class typically) and I felt more comfortable asking questions and discussing the material with the professors. I also found that the IAU professors take more time to make sure every student full understands the material. I had at least 1 hour of home work per night but never did I feel overwhelmed by the course work or home work. I felt it was manageable and flexible with weekend trips and extracurricular activities.