What was your absolute favorite part of this trip?

Posted by Dean Powell 8 years 8 months ago


Teens love that we give an insiders view of France. We originated as "Paris for Teens" in 2003 and have been traveling there with teens ever since, so we are very knowledgable about what teens want to do and see in France! We have amazing connections and provide exclusive insider access and include fun experiential activities like cooking lessons, bike tours, and a special fashion tour.

My favorite part of the TFT Barcelona and Paris trip was how it opened my eyes to what the true meaning of life is: to live in the present. Do all that you can in the day and live like it is your last. Take all opportunities available and be happy. The TFT Barcelona Extension allowed me to do this by shaking me into reality and showing me how important traveling is and the growth of knowledge for other cultures.