Have you ever had an accidents on the glacier climbing B.C ?

Posted by Brooks Fife 6 years 3 months ago


Thank you for your interest in the NOLS Semester in the Pacific Northwest and for your question about accidents while glacier mountaineering in British Columbia. This particular course does not do any mountaineering in British Columbia. The semester with the mountaineering option is conducted in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington. NOLS does offer mountaineering courses on Mt. Waddington in British Columbia during the summer. NOLS maintains a risk management database of injuries, illnesses and near miss incidents on its courses. From 2005–2016 we had 523 students and instructors participate on mountaineering courses on Mt. Waddington. During that time there have been 10 injuries (2% of participants and instructors) related to mountaineering activities. The most serious injuries were a fractured leg due to falling down while backpacking on a moraine, and a fractured foot due to a crevasse fall. Other injuries include two dislocations, five overuse injuries, and one soft tissue injury. Injuries mostly occur due to overuse/exertion or falling down while hiking. We hope this answers your question and please feel free to contact us for more information if you’d like. Sincerely Drew Leemon, Director of Risk Management.