Are there marketing internships?

Posted by Nomalungelo Pretty 6 years 1 month ago


Scubaversity for me was Actually THE BEST education i personally ever received for my "life after school"
They taught me so much more than your general scuba diving school internships that are offered.

They focused on me as an individual and gave us the knowledge to develop ourselves strengths and weaknesses.
Not only did they teach us more than all the aspects of the dive industry but to answer your question specifically regarding Marketing.

This was one of the aspects they focus on specifically as a dive shop located in the heart of Johannesburg, one would wonder, how can they teach diving? Well quite the contrary actually. Due to the fact that they have no ocean near by their bread and butter of every day diving came from selling trips and holidays to the people living in the city that needed that ESCAPE! Scubaversity is a Dive Club not ONLY A Dive school like everyone else out there. So by having a set member base to market to that keeps growing every day. Their interns get to learn real hands on experience of marketing and selling trips, equipment needed for diving and education to go ontop of all of that. Accompanying it all together as a well rounded professional in the industry, the intern graduates HIGHLY employable and well suited for the challenges not only dive related but most jobs out there throw at you.

For example i went from a nothing out of school into Scubaversity - became a professional by 18 years old - then sold some stainless steel for a while (thanks to the tele-sales i learned at Scubaversity i pulled that off) - then onto my own dive operation which i marketed and sold trips for taking what i learned at Scubaversity and applied it in the real world - to Marketing and designing a cleaning companies website and products - back into diving in Mozam and finally ending in Asia where i have succeeded travelling and working from Thailand to Indonesia, and because and only because of Scubaversity training did i manage to land the most prestigious job in Indonesia selling dive gear (Aqua Lung and Apeks) to almost every dive shop in Indonesia.

And i just started my adventures.. Im now 27 years old and through the best education internship done at Scubaversity the past 9 years have been all because of a solid upbringing from the internship.