What's the most challenging part of teaching in China?

Posted by Roberto Katona 4 years ago


I think the most challenging thing is working with cultural differences. While experiencing a new culture can be fun and exciting, sometimes cultural differences in the workplace can lead to a big clash.

In China, schedules change at the last minute. Sometimes I'd walk into a classroom and learn my schedule had been completely changed, meaning I'd missed multiple classes that morning and no one told me! I'd show up and realize I had a week off of teaching from exams. I'd be called at 7am and told to come to the school right away for a random photography session or event. I wouldn't even know when the school Chinese New Year Festival was ending until AFTER the festival had already started (How am I supposed to plan a trip then?!).

That said, working in China is a great experience and I loved every minute of it! ... For the most part.