Is it realistic to make a career and build a life teaching English in China?

Posted by Adnan Samson 4 years ago


Definitely! I've been living and working in China for the last five years, and I know many people who do the same. There are definitely many career development opportunities in China, and ways to make living and working in China a long-term career option. You can easily get your foot in the door by teaching English for a year or two, but if you really want to progress, you'll want to get one, or a few of these things:
1. Teaching Certification (great for teaching at an international school)
2. MA in English, Linguistics, or Education
3. CELTA (more advanced than a TOEFL)

Even without these few things, I was able to advance in my career here. For the last two years, I worked as a college counselor helping Chinese kids apply to American colleges. This was a great career, and I was offered yearly bonuses, and salary increases.

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