What did you eat while teaching in Taiwan? Did you cook meals?

Posted by Adnan Samson 4 years 2 months ago


Hi Adnan- I loved the food while I was in Taiwan (I lived there for 4 years). Here are some thoughts on what to eat:
- Night Markets: They are all over Taiwan and amazing! The food is delicious with a huge amount of options. It's also pretty cheap.
- Hot Pot: You'll see hot pot restaurants all over Taiwan. Again, delicious. I especially love the spicy hot pots.
- BBQ: There's a lot of BBQ in Taiwan. You'll see these at night markets and at stand alone restaurants.
- Buffet restaurants: You'll notice these in every area of Taiwan. They have a ton of options, and you pay by weight. This a great option for vegetarians.

With the above in mind...no, I didn't cook at home very much! The food is just so plentiful and cheap, cooking generally isn't necessary.

I didn't cook much either for two reasons. a) My apartments were rather small and didn't come with full kitchens so cooking would have been difficult. Plus supermarkets to buy food are not always close by. b) Food is everywhere and waaay cheaper than actually buying and cooking your own food.

Taiwan has some amazing cuisine and actually attracts some of the best food from all over Asia. Korean, Japanese, Dim Sum, Thai, you can find it all here. The food is easily what I miss most from living in Taiwan. Enjoy it!