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Yes, I recommend this program


It was Saturday morning and I was ready to take my bags and depart to a new adventure. It was about one and a half months, since I arrived in Malaysia. I made good friends and met wonderful local people. To be honest it was a bit sad to leave, but I had to do what I had to do. Help the ones in need. We travelled around three hours to Perak and from then on we moved deep into the jungle. The landscape was only palm trees and many different types of insects, vines, flowers, butterflies and more. I come from the driest desert in the world, so this was one the most amazing things I've ever done. Once we arrived to Ampangan Sungai Woh. I was in shock, the place I was about to live looked like heaven to me. Beautiful bamboo made houses, a wonderful river and many kids looking curious and shy at the same time. We had a conversation previously with the leaders of Ampangan Woh, so they were waiting for my trainee and me. At the beginning I thought: would I be able to stay in the jungle without all the things I was used to in daily basis in the city, like a toilet, shower or a washing machine? However, I experienced many life changing situations during that year. I promised myself to write all my experiences in a book in the future.
One thing I can tell you. I’m not the same person, I’m more confident about my skills and I learned I have an amazing ability to adapt to different types of situations, regardless how difficult they may seem.
“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.” C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

What would you improve about this program?
I think they are doing pretty good but perhaps they could create a programme in South America to help the poor and the youth without opportunities.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Project 100 Science of Life Studies 24/7

Being a part of the project 100 diverse and dynamic team from all over the world is a really amazing experience! The friendships i made, the love and respect everyone has for each other is wonderful!

What would you improve about this program?
It would be the training, I believe that more efforts can be done to improve the training for new comers.
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Yes, I recommend this program

SOLS 24/7 Malaysia gave me my chance!

As a part of my Bachelor Degree, I decided to join SOLS for an internship of 6 months.
In January 2015, I joined the Communications and Marketing department in the HQ in Kuala Lumpur.
This experience reveals to be the best experience in my life and the place where I have learned the most so far!
An incredible organization with amazing goals; a crazy, fun, dynamic and very inspiring Director.
A really supportive and professional Manager, who gave me the chance to share my experience and take part in the big projects.
An awesome and international young team with people from all around the world where I have experienced a totally new and innovative management.
I highly recommend SOLS for the people who are looking for an enriched working and life changing experience.

Response from Science of Life Studies 24-7

Thank you for your time, passion and commitment to SOLS 24/7 Malaysia!

You truly were a great asset to the organization and we miss you dearly. Please do stop by if you are ever in Asia again!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best life experience

I was relocated into an orphanage home at the young age of 15 because of some problem at home in Johor, I completing my PMR and SPM in Kuala Lumpur. With dreams of being Graphic Designer. I had to find an answer to the questions: What will I do after high school? Where will I go? That’s where SOLS 24/7 Changemaker program came in. After the two month training, I has managed to learn so much about Graphic Design and Coding. I'm so proud to have been a part of SOLS 24/7 family. Now i'm working in office as Graphic Designer and more. I love what am I doing now.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A once in a lifetime experience

I've had the best time with the communications team! Every day I learned something new and was facing challenging tasks as well. Coming to work gave me such a homely feeling. Why do I think this?
Mainly because of the amazing people I've met along the way. We are all so different, but by helping and supporting each other, we are evolving every single day. I honestly never thought that I would be this happy with my internship.
SOLS is evolving fastly, but realistically at the same time. The programs are sustainable and truly make a difference in the rural areas. That is why I have so much faith in P100. One of the most important things I've learned here is work ethics. I've learned that hard work pays off and if you do a good job, you will get recognized for it. It's all about determination and motivation to keep improving yourself, so that you can keep improving your skills, be a good team worker and be prepared for future challenges in your work life.
When I first came here, I was aware of my strengths and weaknesses. But when I had given a task I thought I couldn't handle, I was hesitating to get started. Now, I never think 'no i can't do this' as the first thing. I always give it a try and push myself. Only in this way can I keep learning. I guess my experience here made me realize this.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Family Feeling

This program is an amazing experience, I think this Project is amazing because we get to be exposed to so many cultures at a very short period. It helps individuals to be able to socialise with people from all over the world and understand the cultures better. I think i have not only gained friends from my time with SOLS, but i have actually gained a family. The people in Project 100 is very supportive to one another, very nice and there are very nice moments that can be spent together.

Its never only about work with SOLS, its all about the experience thats not only related to your division, seeing the different situations people are placed in, enjoying the social life and amazing food surrounding the office

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Yes, I recommend this program

A happy SOLS employee

Hi! I have been volunteering with SOLS for the last 6 months and no one asked me to become Baha'i or pray or do anything I don't want to. Saying that people in SOLS are having arranged marriage is a really bad interpretation on what is actually happening. People come to SOLS from all over the world, fall in love, decide to get married and stay in Malaysia. In many cases SOLS offers them jobs so they stay and work for the NGO for longer time.
The English system has it's challenges but it under constant reviews and improvements and considering that I have visited many SOLS centers I can freely say that those people speak English. SOLS Malaysia doesn't organize prayers where SOLS Cambodia does, but for the educational purposes. No one is obliged to join those prayers and in case that you don't want to participate no one will push you to it.
When it comes to nepotism and favoritism, it is also not true because everyone is treated equally. Some people fit better, some people needs more time to adjust to working policy, but no one has ever been discriminated based on their race, gender or nationality. SOLS is very welcoming organization, opened for everyone with a good heart and wish do help to poor communities.
If you come in the middle of the nigh and don't announce your arrival, it will be hard that someone will know that you are here. It never happened that we had someone that got lost in Malaysia or someone that had an accident because SOLS is always very clear with instructions of how to reach the HQ.
I think that my experience in SOLS is really valuable, because I have learned so many things. My needs were always accommodated and even though SOLS (as any other NGO) is not perfect in many things, I learned how to be flexible and how to adjust myself to their working style.
People I met in SOLS I will remember for whole my life, I made some real friends and had an amazing time in Malaysia, same time working, having fun and learning so much.

Response from Science of Life Studies 24-7

Dear team member,

We are truly touched by your words, thank you for believing in us!

Hope to continue to improve, innovate and focus on what is truly important- service above self, education for all and empowerment to reach our full potentials.

Have a blessed week ahead =)

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No, I don't recommend this program

I Think Not!

I was with the program for 3 months...the first month left to my own, even upon arrival having to wake someone up to let me in! The religious overtones were too much for an organization which professes to be "non-religious". Conversion, fasting, and "community" arranged relationships/marriages...sounding a bit like a CULT! Then yes the message has been received. The "program" while good and has success needs to be edited and revised by Native English Speaking individuals.

The organization is full of nepotism and favourtism. All senior staff and management are part of the Baha'i Community started by the founders. I did not meet anyone in the organization's management that was not of the faith. If a strong personality was brought in they quickly found their way out to a DISTANT centre with little or no support. I was a victim of theft at the SOLS dorm, with nothing done to assist in the recovery of the items.

There are many FREE volunteer opportunities out there! Many of the volunteers also had to pay for there time at SOLS.

Response from Science of Life Studies 24-7

Dear Rick, truly sorry that you were not able to appreciate your time with us.

We do believe in allowing each student and volunteer the freedom to practice their own beliefs which is how you were able to have a lovely Hindu, 'Ponggal' celebration with the students in our Kuala Lumpur Youth Development Centre and how the Buddhist monks are always warmly invited to conduct prayers for our buddhist students during special days in our Phnom Penh centre. As many Asian cultures still hold strongly to religious beliefs and practices, we encourage independent investigation of the truth and to have respect and understanding towards all religions. Many misunderstanding and tensions arise from fear and ignorance of others beliefs, to create a culture of love and unity, we feel it is imperative to create an environment where universal principles are recognized and similarities between religions are able to be appreciated.

Regarding nepotism and favouritism, we feel sorry that you felt unappreciated for your work with us. Thank you for taking the time to be involved in our projects, albeit for a shorter time span. If you do have the interest, please do research a little deeper and speak to our team members, many of whom come from different faiths. Our top management consists of Muslims, Christians, Hindu and Buddist individuals who are passionate about making a difference across 5 countries. Do seek clarification from any members of management regarding any feelings of injustice you may have.

Also, if you are still in contact with any of the volunteers who did have to pay for their time with us, please ask them to contact us as we would like to clarify what they paid for. We do not put payment to volunteer in our programs as we feel the volunteers are paying with their time, effort, flexibility and passion.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavours.

If there are any queries or questions, please do reach out to us, our contact details are on the website.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Volunteer beware

The more time I spent at SOS 24/7, the more I disliked it. I worked in the office, and every day I was exposed to the chaotic management, disorganised environment, in addition to undermining and even bullying of the demotivated staff and volunteers.

Member of Project 100 were usually sent to far-flung Malaysian districts with little training and very limited ongoing support. Volunteers would sometimes be recruited for projects that did not exist.

The teaching system has had success and great potential, but the materials were in need of an overhaul by native English speaker. Attempts to enhance the system or materials were usually rejected.

Crucially, what is not revealed to you in advance is that SOLS 24/7 has strong religious beliefs - namely the Baha'i faith - that underpin its entire philosophy. There's nothing wrong with that necessarily, of course. But when an organisation is presented as non-religious, it should be just that.

Twice-daily prayers, mandatory for pupils, should not feature at schools nor training centres. Pupils should not be co-erced into religious fasting. Religious fasting should not be disguised as part of the 'SOLS program'. Religious iconography should not be visible throughout schools and training centres.

But they all are.

It's little wonder the tens of students and volunteers have converted to the Baha'i faith. There is barely a long-term volunteer or member of staff who is not now Baha'i, across Malaysia, Cambodia and Timor Leste. Those who do not want to "Baha'i-ify", leave sooner rather than later.

Response from Science of Life Studies 24-7

Dear B,

Project 100 has grown by leaps and bounds, with our Community Development Officers and volunteers receiving 3-4 weeks of training, in class observation and field trips. Our target group are those in need, and as such we target rural and urban poor communities. These do have the tendency to be ‘far flung’ in certain cases as if we were based only in developed areas, we would not be reaching our objective.

CDOs also have IT resources with teaching videos, education movies and soft copy resources to help with their lesson preparation. Community Coordinators, divided by states visit and stay with CDOs for as long as necessary to provide feedback and support. Our CDOs are also provided with smartphones (by the organization) and are able to contact their peers, their CCs and the HQ 24 hours a day.

Our materials are constantly reviewed, and we as firm advocates in life-long learning, we will never be done tweaking, assessing and improving both our books and ourselves on a personal level.

We do wish to differ on the statement that SOLS 24/7 as an organization does not reveal its strong spritual beliefs, as all volunteers and staff who apply through the proper channels and speak to us via online or face-to-face interview are given a very clear understanding of what ‘non-religious’ and ‘religious’ title implies, especially in Asia. In fact, our online application form has a ‘SOLS Principles’ segment at the end that requires an applicant to read and understand the above.

To help understand the definition of a non-religious organization, we do suggest you research the terms, ‘religious organization’, faith-based organization’ and see the differences between the two. SOLS 24/7 does not fall into either category for a variety of reasons, which if anyone wishes to clarify with us, we will be happy to explain in detail.

I believe we have already explained our mission to promote love and unity, which in religious-sensitive Asia often is compromised by archaic misunderstandings or political manipulation. Our students frequently fast according to their individual beliefs at all times of the year, and no student is expected to fast unless they understand the scientific benefits of fasting.

Regarding the religions of our team members, we tend to not spend any time obssessing as to a person’s religious beliefs and as an organization we tend to focus on the individual themselves: their skills, passion and actions rather than on fitting them into a religious box. Upon reflection, our Malaysian board actually has more of our Muslim brothers and sisters on it than any other religion. And our trustees also are a very nice blend of all major religions being represented. Funnily enough, those who claim that we are religious seem to be more concerned about people’s religions than we are!

To end it, our organization has been blessed to be working with the governments of Cambodia, Timor Leste, Malaysia and Laos, including international organizations such as USAID, UN and many others. We have been thoroughly checked, vetted and observed for the past 14 years and continue to grow in impact thanks to our kind supporters, volunteers, team members and friends. As all humans err, we do apologize if your time with us was not a happy one, and we do hope that perhaps in the future we will be able to meet again as friends.

With kind thoughts.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing opportunity for everyone who wants to make a change!

No matter if you apply as a CDO (teacher) or you apply as a volunteer, project 100 is more than great experience! This is one of the rare programs I managed to find in south east Asia for which I didn't have to pay participation fee, but I actually had salary accommodation and food. Project 100 is aiming to reach underprivileged communities in Malaysia and reach children and adults that are willing to learn English. What makes it specially unique is that SOLS24/7 teaches English on special self developed teaching methods that gives fast results in just 3 months.
I would recommend this program to everyone, it is a real life changer for volunteers as well as for the communities volunteers work with!

What would you improve about this program?
I needed more informations before I started to teach, but eventually I managed to find my own path and get to the methodology quickly.