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Impact: 10
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Even though I didn't know thai I was really good at communicating with my family and learning body language. However the only time language was a barrier was during Sports Day. On Sports Day the highschool goes all out with a parade and competitions. My class was in the Akani team, which means orange. I was part of the parade and all glamed up after the parade I was told to run in the final Super hero run, which wasn't suppose to be competitive at all. However I saw everyone else competeing in the other races. So i ended up turning the fun group run into a competition with myself. Other students from their respective teams were running and skipping together bringing the event to an end. Everyone except me. I was running my heart out wearing a cape and underwear thinking I was making my team proud. Everyone was laughing and telling me to stop running so fast but I didn't understand and finished my run so quickly and awkwardly. It was an embarrassing but hilarious day.

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I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I was given in the summer of 2012. I made memories I will hold on close to my heart forever. So thank you for everything