A fast, fun and crazy way of working and living abroad

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When I arrived in France to work as an assistant English teacher at a high school in Rouen, I didn't know what to expect. Neither France nor teaching was new to me - but teaching and living in France would be a unique experience. However, I was sure that I would get adjusted to the teaching aspect of living in France.

The teaching was no problem. As for the living aspect of my French stay... things I took for granted in the United States were just a little different in France. Such as swimwear attire - I was thrown out of a public swimming pool in France because my boxer-length swimming trunks were "prohibited." As soon as I was told that, I noticed all of the other guys were wearing speedos. And of course, dealing with all the bureaucracy was frustration.

But where else can you be considered cool, work 12 hours a week, treat yourself to delicious cheese and be charmed by people with a sexy accent? As well as get kissed by cute people on the cheek. You can also protest with students at your school and be invited to hang out with them afterwards. And have plenty of time to explore a beautiful country and continent. There's only one job in one country.

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