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As a tutor on this intermediate TEFL-YL course I can say that it has been a rewarding experience working with so many talented trainee teachers. The course is designed for those with a background in working with children or an initial qualification in language teaching. The focus of the course is the practice of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and Task-Based Learning (TBL) with young learners. Trainee teachers who take part in this course are provided with initial training to learn how to manage a classroom, motivate young learners, deal with behaviour issues and create immersion environments for their students. Following this practical component of the course that is heavily focused on teaching skills, trainees learn how to design activities and plan lessons within the CLT and TBL frameworks. This experience helps trainees prepare for successful completion of the Cambridge Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT), which is a comprehensive diagnostics test that provides candidates with an internationally recognised certification of their content knowledge of English language teaching.

The course can be demanding, but the teaching experience is second to none. The demands of the teaching practice aspect of the course ensure that, unlike other courses, a graduate can teach and teach well. As a course tutor, it has been extremely rewarding to be involved in the professional development of past trainees and see them go on to future teaching positions as confident and capable language teachers.

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