Why Costa Rica needs help!

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One patient came into the consultation room after waiting almost all day for her turn. As she explained her situation to the doctor in Spanish, all the while tears running down her face, we all sat patiently waiting and watching. The patient left after giving the doctor and huge hug and with a smile on her face. As the doctor explained what had just occurred, slowly each and every person in the room couldn't help but shed a tear. The lady, married and with 3 children (a fourth on its way) had recently been diagnosed with HIV. Considering she got married to this man 30 years prior, it indicates he had not been faithful. So here was her first issue - a cheating husband. When he learned she had become pregnant with a fourth child, he left her. So here she was, raising 3 kids and carrying a fourth, alone. Her disease gave her only a short amount of time to live. Without her husband she had no one to raise her children after she passed. Looking desperately for help, her brother took her in for a short while. She was forced to leave, however, when her brothers wife kicked her out with fear that she would "spread her disease" to their family. Without the proper knowledge and understanding, she was not able to properly explain to the wife that this was not possible. The only place she had left to turn was a friend who lived in a town a few hours away. This friend was willing to house and help the women and her family, but the women did not have enough money for a bus tickets to take herself and her children. She came to the clinic looking for her medication, but couldn't help looking to the doctor for a shoulder to cry on. The kind hearted doctor took pity on the strong women and provided her with not only bus fair but a little extra to help with food and other necessities.

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