My Annual Placement in China

Housing: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Its been an issue of what defines you and the innate abilities that you are hungry to let the world know.
As per my university requirements, I am supposed to gain an industrial experience before graduation which I thought was and awesome opportunity as I could travel out of the Europe at least for once. I opted for 12 months program and selected CIP as the sure option.
Reasons I opted for CIP is that I am allowed to have 5 internship offers and supposed to choose one. I was also allowed to speak with the HR managers prior to making my decision. This was the major deciding factor for me as I had to compare programs.
Their information system is very helpful with selecting the right organization, right accommodation and Best city to travel
My Career center liaised with the Program Directors of CIP to make sure every step falls in place.
It was awesome how my entire 12 months was scheduled. Every first Monday of a new month bring smiles as there are surprises awaiting me :)
I spent time working with 2 organizations and travelling for 15 days non-stop.
Experience wise, I am impressed the working atmosphere and people! They are so loving and supportive.
I have been able to expand on my marketing and Management knowledge over the entire period I stayed in China.
MY host family was really awesome and they led my immersion.
My impression about China has changed with a more open minded approach.
I will not like to work in China but it is certainly a destination I will consider for holidays and family trips.
Support, Processes, Program Contents, Immersion and all others have been ok.
I love Sanya to the max!!!
Joanna and Kachi you are awesome coordinators!

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