Small-Town Salzburg

Academics: 4
Support: 9
Fun: 7
Housing: 7
Safety: 9

Salzburg is a small city, making it perfect for those who really want to get to know and become comfortable with the area they are studying and living in. Within a few weeks you start recognizing locals in their routines and are accustomed to the flow of the city, which is laid-back and quiet, with shops closing around dinner time. It is the perfect place to live, study, relax, and experience Austro-Germanic culture without being overwhelmed. This might not be a major party city, but it is easy to navigate and central to many larger cities, including Munich, Vienna, Prague, and Venice.

Homestays are severely limited, so expect to be housed in a student dormitory, which vary in location and amenities, so it really may be luck of the draw when it comes to your housing preferences. Obtaining reliable internet access was initially a problem, but during my semester the AIFS staff secured portable wi-fi for students having issues, and all problems were resolved.

AIFS really does do a lot to get students settled into Salzburg by suggesting tips, obtaining bus passes, offering meal cards, and arranging excursions to both local and far-reaching destinations. If any issues arise, it is not difficult to reach a member of the AIFS staff to assist you, either.

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