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Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I was referred by some friends to join CIP’s program while I trying to plan my Placement Year. I had the option to either take a year off from university to gain some experience or take lessons in class and of cause the former was ideal to me.
Joining CIP was an opportunity travel for the first time out of Europe and then develop the real man in me. I had 3 offer from Mechanical Engineering companies and my program coordinator assisted me in the decision making. I finally settled for an offer from a car making company. I am very happy at CIP’s offer selection process. I had a variety of offers and spoke with the HR Managers and as well did few consultations before finally making a decision. I am surprised at the volume of information CIP has about their partner organizations which are only made known at the point of application.
My Internship was awesome as I had the opportunity to speak with industry leaders in the area of investment banking and infrastructure investment in Shanghai. I did some work on Mergers and Acquisitions as well.
During my travel in China, I noticed huge infrastructure developments in 3rd tier cities which I think are waste of resources. There are several ghost towns and real estates developed which had no demand. When I further inquired, I was told it is the Chinese government’s strategy to keep its citizens engaged and employed. The extent of infrastructure development is enormous and gigantic.
I will add my voice to the rest of the previous reviewers that CIP is a great program. I have noticed CIP participants do not go through hectic ordeals that other program participants experience. I had few friends who suffered so much from other programs. On these basis, I will recommend CIP to all young people.

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