It's like my second home... I can't wait to go back!

Impact: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 9

I have been to St. Trizah's School in Nakuru, Kenya twice with African Adventures and Derby County Community Trust in 2014 and 2015. I am married and have three children and these trips are up there as the greatest experiences of my life.

My first paragraph from my blog( reads "At first I was apprehensive about what to do when the children approached me, this is a new experience for me, at home there are restrictions and limitations on what you can do and rightly so. But in Kenya, they are so happy to see you, they want to feel wanted and loved. So, I cuddled them back, held there hands, gave them high fives, it's what they want, seeing their huge smiles just from that, gives you a warm feeling inside". This sums up my two trips perfectly.

During my time, I have assisted with teaching, help to develop teaching styles and curriculum, help with the feeding programme at the school and constructing new classrooms at the new site of the school ready for their move.

One of my favourite moments is going back for the second time and seeing a boy called James that I met the previous year. Like in a clip from a movie, both of us saw each other and ran at the same time, I picked him up and swung him round, giving him a massive cuddle. He said that he was scared that I wouldn't remember him. I reassured him that I have never or would ever forget him.

I also can not express how much I admire African Adventures on what they have achieved and what they will continue to achieve in the years ahead. If it wasn't for the distance to their headquarters, I would like to work for them full-time. That's how much I believe in African Adventures.

Nakuru is now like my second home and I can't wait to return and continue the work in May 2016.

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