Great place to relax with family

Impact: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 9
Safety: 10

Rob and Pooh are very nice people, you can ask them anything and they'll take you anywhere you want to go!

We stayed for almost a week with two children of 2,5 and almost 5 years old. Rob and Pooh went out of their way to make our children feel like home. They had toys for them and they played outside with Rob and Pooh's children and the neighbors kids. They really had a great time!

And so did we! Because of the save environment for the kids, we could really relax and talk with Rob and Pooh or read a book in one of the hammocks.

Foodwise, all the options were on the table. We could cook for ourselves in the shared kitchen or order something Pooh would make.
They took us to a big supermarket when we arrived to make sure we had everything we needed for our stay.
They meals Pooh made were delicious and she even showed me how to make a papaya salad.

We would really recommend staying with Rob and Pooh!!

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Yes, I would
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