My time in Huanchaco

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

My time volunteering for Otra Cosa has been an invaluable experience. I've been here in Huanchaco for a little over two months now. The town itself is fairly small, but has everything you need and is situated right on the coast of northern Peru. The beach is a 5 minute walk from my house. I live in the organization's volunteer house (there are also homestay and apartment options) with three other volunteers and our three staff members. I volunteer in the office part of the week, and the other part teach English at a primary school. The office has been a great experience-I get to see what it takes to run a non-profit and get to know a little bit more about all the projects the organization runs. I have to say though, teaching English has been my favorite part about my time here. I teach in a shanty town right outside the town (about a 5 minute bus ride away). The school is very simple-classrooms, a central concrete area where the kids have recess, and bathrooms. The kids have so much personality and love having English teachers there. They are so curious and hilarious. What a rewarding experience.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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