GRENOBLE: I'd Go Back Today If I Could

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

When I think back on my study abroad semester I can't help but get so excited about Grenoble, the city where I spent four months of my life. I miss it everyday and I want everyone to go abroad when they are still in school in order to get out of the culture bubble we grow up in.
I chose to live with a host family, and was placed with a beautiful family about 30 min from the city center. At first I wasn't sure if I enjoyed being a distance away from the university or the city center but then I enjoyed the commute on the trams, buses, or even my bike I rented from the tourism office.
The program director was very accessible and very helpful from the orientation weekend to the final departure. Miranda provided multiple tools for learning and cultural engagement like, day or weekend excursions, wine and cooking classes, conversational partners, tours of the city, etc. I look forward to reconnecting with her when I get the chance to return.
The classes, while a little bit crazy at first getting situated, were challenging but not too time consuming. I really enjoyed being fully immersed in the classroom during my french class and then at home with my french family. AIFS covers breakfast and dinner for the Grenoble option, so I was only needing to pay for lunch each day.
Being surrounded by three grand mountain chains, was a "jigsaw puzzle view". Somedays I felt like I was dreaming or living in a movie backdrop. Coming from a Florida girl, I was in awe by where I was living. There are many hikes to go on, ski resorts to visit and food to indulge on.
Take chances in language, food, adventures, and life. GO study abroad!!

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Yes, I would
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