Program is a scam.

Housing: 4
Support: 2
Fun: 2
Value: 6
Safety: 8

This program is a scam. They failed to provide almost every promised service. I went to Melbourne, Australia, to join a rowing club and learn to row. Sport Lived said they would find me a rowing club and set up private lessons, and that everything would be walking distance from the hostel. I was told I'd be rowing twice per day; in reality I was rowing once per week. I was told that the rowing club was "a stone's throw from the hostel;" in reality it was 7.8km each way, and I was told to walk. Sport Lived did not help me find any extra programming to make up for the lack of rowing.

I was told that there was a roughly equal number of girls and boys; there were 3 girls and 36 boys. I was told I'd have 24/7 access to a local mentor; I saw him twice, and he went on vacation for a week during my time in Melbourne. I was told that I'd be in a hostel room with all Sport Lived people; I was in a room with strangers, and was forced to change rooms multiple times.

In my two months, there were three planned social events. Sport Lived was inherently social, given that there were nearly forty of us staying in the hostel, but the fun social scene happened independently of Sport Lived.

In the end, all the program did for me was pick me up from the airport, book me a hostel, and find me a mixed age rowing program once a week, rather than the team I was told I'd be on. I could have done all that myself, and saved the money I paid to Sport Lived. It was a good learning experience, because I was forced to come up with everything myself, and I made some great friends, but the experience was positive wholly in spite of Sport Lived, not because of it.

The coordinators back in England are difficult to work with, and do not clearly answer questions.

My program friends and I came up with a nickname for Sport Lived, "Sport Livid." I think that name accurately sums up our experience.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
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