A learned two weeks

Academics: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 8

I was already living in France before I went to Paris with EF. I was spending five months in Bretagne, and had a two week vacation from school. I decided I wanted to see Paris, so I did so with EF. I was familiar with EF because my mother used to work in the AuPair program, and knew someone who worked at the school in Paris.

I had been to Paris before, but being there with people from all over the world was amazing. My only piece of advice would be, LIVE WITH A FAMILY. If you really want to learn a new language, the only way to do it is living with a family and completely immersing yourself. That's not saying that the residential accomodations were bad, it's just, everyone speaks english, or whatever native language they speak. Since I was already pretty satisfied with my proficiancy in french, I was fine, and it was amazing living with so many different people.

The school is very new and modern, and I thought all the profs were awesome! The structures of the classes were also very nice, interactive and interesting.

Thank you EF!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed