Highly recommend for those looking for a TESOL/TEFL certificate that works in any country

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 8
Facilities: 9
Safety: 9

TeachEnglish: ESL facilitated enrolling me in an International TEFL Academy (ITA) TESOL/TEFL certification course in Costa Rica, which I just completed in May 2016. The value was great and there was a lot of flexibility with course date offerings. Jessica Hill of TeachEnglish: ESL was very available and answered all my questions prior to registration. The course itself is an ITA course administered by Costa Rica TESOL (https://www.facebook.com/Costa.Rica.TESOL.TEFL/?fref=ts), and is internationally accredited. With that ITA certificate, you can teach anywhere.

The course is rigorous, and includes 180 hours of class and 10 hours of practicum; this is well above most other standard TEFL certification course offerings so you are sure to surpass most if not every country's minimum certification requirements. Don't anticipate free time during the course; it is FULL-TIME. Nonetheless, I loved every minute and I highly recommend this course. The institute is located in Barva, in the Heredia province of Costa Rica. I stayed with a homestay and loved it, especially my host mom's cooking.

I was not planning to stay in Costa Rica, but for those who are, there is TONS of job assistance and several of my peers already found jobs with the help of the Costa Rica TESOL instructors and ITA job assistance (which is guaranteed for life). And because this is through the ITA, they have tons of lifelong job assistance for anyone looking to work anywhere.

This course was well worth the investment of time and money. I loved the instructors, small class sizes, materials, and practicum.

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