A summer with monks

Impact: 3
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Value: 5
Safety: 5

A few months back, I was fortunate to stumble upon Love Volunteers while looking up volunteering opportunities abroad. I instantly got interested in the programs they had to offer. Out of the many programs I went through, 'Teaching at Monasteries' in Nepal caught my eye. I had been wanting to travel solo as well as experience volunteering in a different country, and this program seemed to be the perfect fit! Ever since I mailed them for the first time, Love Volunteers had been nothing but supportive and prompt. Apart from sharing a detailed guidebook about the country and the program, they answered all my queries promptly.

Having just a month off work in summer, I could afford to spend 3 weeks at the monastery. Those 3 weeks spent in Nepal have undoubtedly been one of the best times in my life! I met some lovely people, made life-long connections, traveled, taught, learnt and gathered tons of amazing memories! Staying at a monastery and interacting with monks was in itself a unique and wonderful opportunity, and I feel very fortunate to have experienced the same. Teaching at the monastery definitely had its own challenges, as they relied only on volunteers for academics (English, Math etc.) and there wasn't a curriculum in place. If you tend to get involved with the students and take your teaching seriously, then it gets challenging because all students have different abilities and levels, and ideally one needs to cater to their individual needs. That is possible when you have many volunteers on site, otherwise can be a bit difficult. Nonetheless, teaching and interacting with the lovely monks is really enjoyable, and one sure learns a lot!

Such experiences definitely teach you a lot, expose you to much more in life and probably make you grow as a person. One gets to experience life in a totally different context, often without the luxuries and comforts one is used to. However, what you gather is way more valuable - friends, experiences, memories, learning. It's all worth it. My words may not do justice to what I experienced, felt and learnt. All I can say is that it was one of the best experiences in my life, and I wish I could have stayed longer! Would love to go back sometime.

I'd definitely recommend Love Volunteers and this particular program to whosoever wishes to volunteers abroad and make a difference! :)

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