Excellent Balance of Volunteer & Travel

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

This is one of the best volunteer projects that we have ever done. The first few days are made up of exploring China before heading into the Giant Panda centre to volunteer for 3 days.

Some may want to volunteer at projects for longer than a week but we promise that you will be very satisfied and happy with just one week here. You will explore the city of Chengdu and the region of Sichuan around the centre.

There are a wide variety of optional activities including dumpling making, temple exploring, chinese calligraphy classes and basic Mandarin classes. You won't get bored at this project.

You main tasks when volunteering are cleaning out the Panda enclosure and preparing bamboo before feeding them four times a day. It is so cute to watch them eat their Panda bread, carrots and apples - a highlight of the trip.

We highly recommend anyone to come do this project even though interaction is very minimal. Being able to get this close to feed Panda's is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Date volunteered: June 2016
Recommended time spent here: 1 week (no more)
Living conditions: Twin Share Bedrooms, hot showers
WiFi: Excellent - just use a VPN
Vegetarian friendly: Yes
Additional Notes: There are breaks between each feeding - we recommend you take the walk back to the hostel to get a drink or relax before heading back out. Max walk time can be around 20 minutes, but min will be around 5 min.

Thank you to Go Eco for allowing us to experience this incredible volunteer project in China. Our opinion is, as always, our own.

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