The Blessed VPN

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Value: 9

As many other overseas travelers might know, while traveling abroad the value of wifi increases by tens. In this day and age, you need wifi for everything; games, social media, and email all included. You need wifi to stay in contact with parents and friends, download awesome pictures from your trip, and make plans with all your new friends so that you can truly make the most of your trip while you are there. When using wifi abroad though, it is a very good idea to download a VPN app that helps speed up your connection. One of my favorite stories from my trip in China is about the blessed VPN. There is one type of VPN that is completely free. Many of my friends, myself included, chose to use this type of VPN. During my stay, we had one friend who used a different type of VPN that he had to pay for, but he swore it made his connection faster than the rest of ours. From then on, we had this ongoing joke where he would occasionally walk up behind us and surprise us, and whisper the name of his VPN network in our ears. We didn't care if his VPN was actually a few seconds faster, the joke was still funny. And although one of my favorite memories is about a wifi connection, which might sound somewhat petty, the joke made me realize how unimportant wifi can actually be. It made a lot of us appreciate the opportunities we were given, to be able to be visiting a different country, making new friends from all over the world, and be given a fun and exciting opportunity to learn a new language. It made us all take a step back and love experiencing a new culture, with cool people, a beautiful landscape, and an awesome history. Whether the blessed VPN was working or not, it truly made the most of my trip.

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