Lots of False Advertisement

Impact: 2
Support: 4
Fun: 3
Value: 3
Safety: 2

Let me preface this by saying that that the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary had the makings of a perfect experience. The staff were excellent, the animals were amazing, and my fellow volunteers were awesome people who made my time there truly memorable. Overall, my experience was a positive one, but the one thing that nearly ruined it all and may continue to trouble future volunteers is the incompetent administration and how they handled the operations. While I have countless stories about them, the biggest would be how several volunteers at one point had to be moved to an unfinished building due to overpopulation, where we had to live in rooms that reeked of wet paint and a hole in the wall for a window where rainwater and venomous snakes could easily enter through. The animals were kept in small, cramped spaces that is uncommon in other sanctuaries, which calls to question where all the donation money was going towards. Our boss could not be relied on when we needed him the most. My suggestion to future volunteers is to find another program; I'm sure you will be able to experience all that Costa Rica has to offer without any of the hassle of an ineffective orgniziation

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No, I would not
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