Just Do It

Housing: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

Okay where to begin...

First off, if you're reading these reviews as a potential student you're already hooked. You're the type of person who asks for more than the monotonous routine of every day life. You have that something inside of you that won't be satisfied aimlessly walking along the beaten path. That voice is what brought you here in the first place- and you need to listen to it. If it needs some further convincing, scroll down and read what everyone else has written on the program. It couldn't be more true.

If you're coming here as a parent looking for validation from a program that seems too new and unknown to be sending your kid on then good for you- you're already doing way more research than my parents did when I signed up. That job was left to me. To even give myself a chance to come on this program I had to go full on CIA/MI6/ISI (insert your govt. intelligence agency here) back check on every bit of information Winterline threw out there to present to my parents. I can save you countless hours of creepy internet stalking, awkwardly worded emails to alleged partners, and a few misdailed phone calls by assuring you that it checks out.

Or you can go ahead and do all this yourself anyway. It's real fun.

But before you embark I would recommend you start by contacting any Winterline admin to speak with them directly. I think it will be incredibly easy for you to see how invested they all are in your child's experience and safety. It certainly was for me- and they've backed that up every step of the way.

But back to the person who is actually going to do this thing.

At the end of the day, any one who comes on this program will leave a completely changed person. You will gain whole new perspectives on the world around you. You will expose yourself to sets of skills that you never thought you would find yourself attempting. You will learn how to coexist and thrive with people of drastically different backgrounds and beliefs than you. And you will always remember how glad you were that when you looked at Winterline's gap year program, you decided to throw yourself from your comfort zone

and just do it.

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