Surfing and Spanish in Pimentel

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 8
Housing: 9
Value: 10

Learning spanish and surfing in Pimentel was the perfect combination! When I arrived I had a very basic understanding of spanish, and over the course of three months and daily classes I was able to learn all the grammar and verb tenses and improve my conversation skills immensely. During my studies I received instruction from three different teachers, all of them very personable, helpful, and well prepared. I always looked forward to my classes and left feeling accomplished. While I mostly had individual classes, I also had some group classes, and both had their unique benefits. The staff at ASI, the teachers, coordinators and management, were helpful and accommodating to my travel plans and I was able to make up the classes I missed. I will always look back on my studies at ASI as the time I truly learned spanish.

Surfing in Pimentel was the perfect counterpart to my studies. Every morning and most afternoons I would walk across the street to the ocean, where 95% of the time there were surfable waves (I was there January - March). When I arrived in Pimentel I had some experience surfing, but took a few lessons with the surf school that works with ASI anyway, and the instructors were very helpful and I got some great rides my first day. After that I worked with the instructors and local surfers to learn about the various breaks in Pimentel. Also, through ASI I was able to take a surf trip visiting some of Peru's best and most famous surf spots: Huanchaco, Pacasmayo, Lobitos, and the world's longest wave, Chicamas. Overall, my experience with ASI's surf program was awesome!

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